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President Trump is a precious gift for planet earth at this time. He is an instrument of powerful planetary change in ways that cannot be fully comprehended. Some have said that we have moved back into the dark ages, however this is far from the truth. Trump’s timing as president is absolutely perfect and he is actually helping humanity move into heart and connection.

Usually I’m not one to provide comment on politics, and the rare times that I do it’s often not what those interested in debate or trash-talk want to hear. For those who love the guy then we are on the same page, however for those of you who think anything less of him are most likely either shaking your head, somewhat pissed-off or beside yourself with anger that he ended up becoming president. At first I wondered how he made it in office however over time I began to realize his genius and the perfection of all that was happening.

Stepping way back let’s consider what often happens during a massive shift of awareness or energetic re-alignment. Even during healing there is often what is referred to as a healing crisis where all hell seems to break loose. Things often get seemingly worst before they get better, as the old energy is breaking free and transmuting into the new. When this happens long-standing and often subdued patterns (of hatred, racism, discrimination and all forms of fear) resist the change in powerful ways and amplify themselves before the die off. Old infested wounds are finally being exposed to the light and given the opportunity to be treated, cared for and truly healed. That which people have been keeping bottled up is rising up with intensity and in some instances rage.

As the saying goes, “the truth shall set you free”. We are all being given the opportunity to be set free. As the energy of the planet is always shifting and consciousness rising…along comes Donald Trump. His appearance is no accident, and in truth he is a perfect and natural occurrence in process of planetary change.

What he represents on a global scale is a jarring shift of awareness toward greater care for the worlds environment and for all human beings. Many people are not going to like what he has to say or what policies he sets forth. He seems to have little patience for some of the old stodgy ways of doing things and has the courage to take massive and decisive action. Donald Trump is in our face and it appears that he couldn’t care less. But, I believe he cares deeply, way more than we can ever realize.

What I greatly admire about him is his tenacity and focus in the realm of intense adversity. I was continuously reminded of how much I have cowered in life and stopped my flow of passion at the slightest criticism of others. Watching him in action taught me so much about myself. Trump took endless criticism against almost all aspects of his personality and physical appearance yet he triumphed to become President of the United States.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of Trump-bashing I urge you to step back, way back, and consider the bigger picture and look at the heart of what is really going on. Every time people get angry and protest, every time you dear reader get annoyed and gang up with others to talk about how bad everything is take time to realize that you are given an opportunity in the very moment to open your heart and change your point of view and contemplate what is really important. Your feelings will always guide you back to the heart-of-you and THAT is what President Trump means to planet earth. In a way he is giving everyone the opportunity to get to the essence of who they are and rise to the occasion. President Trump is helping planet earth become more conscious and centered in love. Isn’t that such an amazing gift for us all?

Copyright, Peter Paul Harnisch, 2018.

Cover Photo by Samuel Branch

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