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This Job Sucks, I Quit!

Most of you have had these thoughts, and perhaps are thinking them right now. There have been times where I’ve wanted to run out of the building screaming with my hair in flames vowing never to return. There are times when my thoughts and feelings got so negative and intense that the only way out seemed to be the door. Everything about the job seemed to suck!

Truth: It’s never about the outer thing, but always about you!

Rubbish”, you respond, “the environment sucks, the clients and staff are always complaining, you get little to no recognition, all management cares about is money, I’m bored out of my bloody mind and I’m worth way more than what I’m getting paid.” You are tired, fed up and are teetering on the fence of quitting. Yes you can quit, but should you?

Stepping way back, are your thoughts the truth, or are they your perception?

Of course you can quit and you are certainly entitled to. It’s a very personal question however what you may consider asking yourself is will the situation change at another job? In the moment you absolutely believe so, but most often the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, especially when you are not dealing with your core reasons for feeling so lousy. It’s like leaving a tumultuous relationship (which your job is by the way) you typically recreate the same version of that relationship in the new one. You always take your suffering with you, deal with it now or deal with it later. It’s your choice. Realizing this alone, in the height of your intense feelings, is a massive shift in awareness and marks the beginning of a rich internal journey.

Quitting a job you hate will result in you finding another job, you hate, for the same or another reason!

Yes there are times when you need to quit a job immediately as the suffering is just too great. In looking at the energy dynamic quitting the job is helping you feel better. If you have the financial means to carry yourself for awhile and/or you have the ability to emotionally handle the change, then by all means quit. But please know that if you don’t work on yourself, your thoughts, feelings and emotions after you quit, then you will absolutely attract another employer where you will find yourself in the same situation as before.

What you don’t change within, you recreate in your outer world.

Instead of quitting you could begin transforming your job by adjusting your thoughts and feelings to a better feeling place. Easier said, I know. It’s because you perceive your job in certain ways that are not in line with how the essence of you perceives the situation, is the reason why you have deeply routed opinions and are suffering so greatly. Perception is everything! Change your perception, change your life.

Quit, when you love your job!

If you are going to quit then I highly recommend you doing so when you feel really good about where you are. When you do this you are not actually quitting but transitioning or evolving into an expanded version of yourself. When you are in the place of enjoying your job then the other job will feel just as good or better. It’s in the place that the other job might simply fall in your lap. You won’t have to desperately search for it because it will simply appear, seemingly from out of no where!

Perhaps your current job will begin feeling so good that you won’t end up quitting. Now wouldn’t this be something?

Copyright, Peter Paul Harnisch, 2018.

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