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The Relationship Dance

Every relationship is a beautiful and perfect dance, an energy dance where the two meld together moving in unity. Each relationship no matter how blissful or horrific feeling is a perfect energetic puzzle-like fit where the attraction is based on how each resonates. In essence, each attracted the other. Because relationships reflect ‘inner essence’ they are one of the most powerful ways that humans can learn and expand into their loving potential.

It is very empowering to understand relationships this way because it immediately makes one look within, and very importantly, it removes the element of thinking like a victim. What this does is force one to take full and absolute ownership of all of ones relationships, and when things are going horribly ‘wrong’ (there is no wrong) it helps to reflect on how and why the attraction originally occurred. Nothing is wrong, as everything is right and as it should be.

When I refer to relationships in this writing I mean everyone. Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife, lovers and all other forms of partnership, and also seemingly random people met during the course of the day, all have been attracted to us through our mutual energy pattern. It is my belief that each human being specifically chose their parents, and environment, in order to learn certain lessons that needed to be processed and integrated for personal and spiritual growth. I believe there are no accidents.

If you don’t resonate with a co-worker or perhaps even despise the person, if you and your partner are arguing a lot and the connection does not feel loving like it used to, or if you happen upon random people who seemingly don’t treat you well, by stopping to contemplate what your part of the connection is, or what role you play, will greatly help you discover the energetic root…and therefore the valuable lesson. And by understanding the core of why you attracted the other it will give you the opportunity to transmute that frequency and therefore change future relationships.

On the other hand if you have mostly loving and harmonious relationships this also reflects the loving mojo you have going on within. Such good feeling relationships are a strong confirmation of how you are connecting with your heart and overall how you are vibrating as a being. Noticing the harmonious relationships in our lives helps to support, nurture and enhance further similar relationships. Just like how continuously noticing the lousy relationships in our lives, and by complaining about and blaming the other for ‘doing us wrong’, will only serve to perpetuate that kind of relationship connection. There is no end to the cycle of being the victim.

All relationships offer an amazing opportunity to grow and learn, as individuals and as a pair. Relationships bring us to cross-roads where we have the choice as to which path to take, the path toward loving heart or the one leading back into the continued pattern of suffering and pain. When couples, friends or co-workers make a conscious choice to learn and grow together the relationships can and will grow in beautiful and rich ways. Each one offers the opportunity to accept full ownership of their thoughts and feelings, to understand and transmute them back to heart, and then continue the relationship at higher and more loving levels.

However, what can happen is that one person is fully willing to accept ownership and grow and the other isn’t. This has happened to me a number of times as I have been on both ends of the spectrum. When this happens the relationship is ultimately doomed to disintegrate. This is an energetic law that ultimately makes it impossible for two people to stay together. Another way that will result in a relationship parting is when two people are in a high state of suffering and pain, and unconsciously remain together and continue to pick at each other’s scabs. In this situation the universe will eventually force them apart. Their pain is so entwined that parting is often excruciating. The calling of love is never ending, and how we know this to be true … is because we are suffering. Suffering is an indicator that our thoughts and beliefs are not inline with our higher-self, with how the universe sees us … with love.

The bottom line is that all relationships are beautiful and perfect as they are. No one has done anything wrong in being in any kind of relationship. One of the highest ways to consider relationships is to see them for what they are in the very moment that they occur. They are where they are, no matter how painful yet at the same time they are so sublime.

Every relationship is a never ending dance of ebb and flow. Some relationships last a lifetime and others are meant for a very particular reason for learning, and therefore personal growth. Where I used to think that I was a screw-up by not remaining in certain relationships for a long period of time I now absolutely believe that each one was perfectly orchestrated, by the other and myself, to understand and transmute certain conditioned aspects of each other, and to ultimately delve deeper into loving-heart.

See all of your relationships as beautiful, not just the loving ones but also the tumultuous and painful ones. Understand that you created and attracted each relationship…from you! When you feel the inclination to blame the other, stop immediately, feel your pain and if you are able to, sit quietly. Thank your feelings, own your feelings and ask ‘your feelings’ what they are trying to tell you. Also thank the other person (silently) for helping you and providing you the opportunity to reconnect with your heart. Thank and love the other for being your dance partner…for a most beautiful dance.

Peter Paul Harnisch, Copyright, 2018.

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