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The Perfect Job

What is the Perfect Job? Is it the one you are doing now or does it represent a goal, a dream or a fantasy? For most, the perfect job is something better than the present moment, it is the dream of happiness and true fulfillment … in the future. But do you know what the perfect job truly means and how do you know when you have achieved it? Is it when you are finally happy?

Some people seem to be completely happy and content doing what appears to be the simplest job: an elderly man reading stories to children in the library radiates serenity and love; a young woman with a quaint flower shop, barely making ends meet, glows with everything she does; a man selling hot dogs on the street corner brightens up every life he comes in contact with; or a panhandler who is living life on his own terms looks at each passerby directly, smiles and says, “have a glorious day”. Have these people found their perfect job? Or how about the lawyer who makes a million dollars per year working for a large corporation, has the weight of the world on her shoulders, and is in complete misery of not being able to spend enough time with her family or with herself. But because she has a fancy job title, drives a luxury car, and lives in an upscale neighbourhood people automatically assume that she must be happy…that she has made it. Is the perfect job even about an action that gives us the most money and things?

What if the perfect job had actually nothing to do with the job itself but about how you feel inside. If this were the case then it would not matter what job you were doing or if you were actually unemployed. If you (and I) felt good about the job being done right now then the perfect job would have been achieved. I know, I know I can hear the outcry now;

“Do you realize how big a jerk my boss is?”, “The pay I am receiving sucks”, “The company I work for doesn’t care about me, they are only interested in making money”, “My colleagues are a bunch of backstabbing idiots”, “The economy makes it impossible for me to find work”….shall I continue?

When you continue to rant and rave, complain and point-fingers at anyone or situation about the job you have, or about being unemployed, you actually continue flame these feelings and therefore continue to recreate your situation. You create your own illusion of the trap. You expand your feeling body (happiness) in the direction that you chose to hold your focus. If you are familiar with the law of attraction then you know what I mean. However, the universe is so perfect that you are allowed to control your life through the free-will of being able to direct (or redirect) your thoughts about anything. In this moment, no matter what you are thinking or what you are feeling about your job you can turn it around. You can in fact create your perfect job by switching your focus, and make the job you are doing now your perfect job.

Your perfect job is now! Your unemployed is perfect right now! Even if you think that what I’m saying is ridiculous, wouldn’t the idea of the possibility be great? All hardships you are facing in your job and in looking for work are the keys to you changing your world. Your lousy feelings of a situation is your clue that you are not focusing on that which you are capable of, of your highest potential. Your frustration, anxiousness, hopelessness and anger are in truth pointing you in the direction of happiness and fulfillment. “Whaaaat?!!!”, you shout to the universe, “how can my jerk of a boss be helping me point in the direction of happiness?” It is true, and to even further peeve you off, your boss could even be thanked for helping you realize what you truly want. Well, perhaps not in person but you could say it to yourself.

Appreciation is a magic elixir.

Where ever you are begin to find things to appreciate about yourself, your boss, your job, your unemployment, the money you have, the feelings you have, your growing awareness, your colleagues, your ability to choose…your breath. Anything! Purchase a journal and starting now begin a daily appreciation list about…where you are in this very moment. After awhile you will notice that you will begin to look at things differently. You will also lighten up and have a bit of a bounce to your step. The people around you will begin to change, or they will move on to different departments or quit. You may be offered a promotion or you may find another more fulfilling opportunity. The point I’m really trying to make here is to become fulfilled … now. When you do this you will loosen the emotional chains that bind you and your world will begin to open.

Your perfect job is not over the horizon and you don’t have to look for it. Your perfect job is right now…right in front of your face. With this knowing you will liberate yourself from the need to find and settle more into the perfection of your life in this very moment. It truly is a very sweet place to be, a perfect place to be.

Copyright, Peter Paul Harnisch, 2018.

Header photo by: Ullash Borah,

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