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Your strong negative-held beliefs are blocking the communication from your Inner Being. Whatever these beliefs may be they are interfering from the signs, hints, nudges, intuitions and overall guidance that your Inner Being is sharing with you at all times. This guidance is always for your highest good showing you the way to a fulfilling and happy life. This heart-guidance and flow is relentless, and will never stop until your last physical days on planet earth. Even then, it continues…

How do you know that you have belief systems blocking your intuitive guidance? The primary way that you will know is that you don’t feel good, period! Not feeling good immediately lets you know that you are out of alignment with how your Inner Being sees and knows you. Inner Being is always supportive, always loving and never looks back on your life. A few other ways of realizing that a block may be at play is that things don’t seem to be working out for you, that you don’t like the direction of your life is heading or no matter what you do you simply cannot feel satisfaction and sustained happiness. Any blocks (that you create) are false and are lies (thoughts) that you have allowed to be programmed into you by others, and that you have most likely perpetuated your entire life. They are false assumptions or perceptions of you and the world that have gone unquestioned, by you.

The interesting thing that happens when ill feelings or lousy situations arise is that you, and most everyone else, thinks that something on the outside is the cause. In other words, that something or someone else is to blame. However, a massive shift will occur within when you realize that nothing or no one is to blame, and that 100% of your feeling body and environment is created or attracted by you. Knowing the truth of this is the beginning of true personal liberation. By not accepting full ownership you will forever continue to be the victim.

Some of the false belief systems that I developed during childhood were that: I’m not worthy of love; the world is not meant to be trusted; I’m stupid; that everything is expensive and that one has to work hard for money; and what I have to say (what I perceive to be truth) is not important. Also, if I am to speak my truth that I will be punished, harmed or killed.

Needless to say I believed it best to keep quiet and not share my true light with the world. I’m sure that you can just imagine the immense impact these beliefs had over the course of my life. When I looked deeper into these beliefs I realized that they are untrue, in fact they are a complete and utter lie, and that my Inner Being knows without a shadow of a doubt that who and what I am is the complete opposite. By me having these beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, will always result in feeling lousy.

What are belief anyways? Beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking, it’s really that simple. Thinking certain thoughts over and over again resulted in energy patterns that you have created within and around you, and if any of the thoughts where negative in nature, you will have felt lousy in the creation of them.

If you are not aware of your belief systems the biggest clue is your feeling body.

If you don’t feel good about something, especially over a prolonged period of time, or if your life is not flowing as you wish, you can be rest assured that you most likely have a belief system running in the background of your life.

One of the main tools that I have used over the course of my life (and still do) to become more aware of my false beliefs is journaling. While in the midst of feeling crappy I will grab my journal, or any piece of paper that is near by, and rant! Another graphic way I like to say this is that I will vomit on paper! While ranting I won’t worry about spelling or grammar but I will flow my feelings into words. Once I’ve exhausted my busy mind I will reflect upon my writing and see patterns emerge. Occasionally I will use the wonderful Byron Katie approach by taking my rant sentence by sentence and ask myself if the words are true. I won’t go deeply into the process here so I suggest that read her books or go to her website to learn more, but I will tell you that it’s a simple yet powerful process for you to get to the heart of some of your underlying belief systems. When you learn the core or the truth about how you look at the world it can result in huge personal insights and many AH-HA moments.

Becoming aware of your false beliefs will empower you to change your thought patterns, eventually leading to entirely new belief systems that are in line with how your Inner Being. You will come to find that this process is rather addictive because it feels great! However I must interject here by saying that oftentimes this is not as easy as it sounds. It’s simple, but often not easy! Deeply help belief systems have been programmed by others and you over a long period of time so changing these patterns can take time as well. Your normal pattern or default is to return to you unconscious belief systems, and the major clue telling you that you have done so are your feelings. High personal awareness and a desire to change is key. When you and your Inner Being are on the same page, then life will unfold in ways that will delight, satisfy and excite you.

The next time you are feeling any version of not so good consider making mental note that you are most likely running a false belief pattern in that moment, and that you are looking upon a person or situation in a way that you Inner Being isn’t. Your Inner being only sees you and the world through eyes of love, and your Inner Being always has your back!

Copyright (2019) Peter Paul Harnisch

Photo by @Matthew_T_Rader on Unsplash

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