1. Seminars & Workshops

Heart-felt Awareness Teachings are provided to the public through Seminars and/or Workshops. Seminars typically follow a format whereby a topic is presented for 1-2 hours in a wide variety of community settings. Through workshops subjects are explored deeply and can last from 3 hours to 2 days. Please check our EVENTS PAGE for upcoming information being presented in your community.

2. Personal Guidance

There are times in life when you may need personal one-to-one guidance to help with the suffering that you are experiencing, where continuous and chaotic thoughts, feelings and emotions never seem to go away and where there is no end in sight. Through personal support you will ultimately be directed back into your power, into your true knowing, and from this place you will gain greater understanding of how you have been and are creating your life. Change is about firstly about becoming more aware of your inner-process and about how life really works, and secondly about being given the tools where you ultimately take back control of your life. Regardless of how much you may be suffering now, no matter how difficult life may seem, you can change to become a more empowered, fulfilled and happier person. Yes, this probably sounds cliche, but it’s absolutely true. You are invited to call me at 604.356.6918 for a introductory conversation on how I can be of service to your life.

Forest Photo by Sebastian Unrau