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Intuition, your Heart Song

The most important language…

is being communicated through you at all times, it is the only true language of life, it is the language of loving expansion. This language is referred to in many ways; inner guidance, intuition and I like to also refer to it as ‘heart song’. The most beautiful thing about your heart song is that it only guides you toward your highest good and toward happiness. It absolutely knows the path of your inner most desire, at all time with no exceptions.

This guidance could also be referred to as the language of the soul, your soul.

Every person on planet earth has their own soul and every person in turn is guided in different ways that ultimately leads (or points) to their joyful path. No two people are guided in the same way. Your journey on this planet is completely unique to you.

What I find fascinating is that although all people on this planet have their own unique intuition guiding them all paths ultimately lead to the same place, love. Yes, all 7 Billion of us, different paths all leading to the same goal.

I know, I know, this is all getting pretty esoteric and sounds very lovely however what does this actually mean for your life right now? What it means is that you are now, always have and always will being guided to the path that will lead you to happiness. Even though in the moment you may feel like you are in the depths of hell (there is no hell) you are still being guided. You just don’t feel it. There two paths within you simultaneously, the path of your egoic mind (the conditioned mind or the way you have always done things) and the path of your heart or intuition. Yes even if you are experiencing chaos and pain your heart is still singing to you in a very soft almost inaudible melody. You are most likely not used to hearing and listening to it as you are drowning in the chaos of your busy mind. What’s the solution?

The number one solution is, silence. Yes, the only way to even begin to get clued into how busy your mind even is is to get quiet. Simply sit somewhere for even 1 minute with little to no distraction, close your eyes pay attention to you breath. In this writing I’m not going to expound on the immense value of meditation, on becoming silent, however I cannot overstate the value of doing do. What this will ultimately help you to do is be able to distinguish between your busy mind and the inner guidance from your heart. After awhile your ‘being silent’ practice may increase to 5 minutes, then to 15, a half hour and perhaps more. My common time is 30 minutes in the morning however I am also conscious of my mind and ‘go inward’ many times throughout the day. Inner awareness is my way of life.

A little example of how inner guidance can work is a few days ago I began writing this information. I had to take a bathroom break and while sitting (forgive the visual) I closed my eyes and followed my breath and became very aware of the beautiful silence that embraced me. My inner guidance communicated ‘move reallllly slowly today’ and pay attention to everything. That’s it. No big fanfare but just a strong awareness of this message. And that I did, for the most part as I eventually had times through my day where my mind got wrapped up in my workday and I ‘forgot’ to move slowly. However move much slower I did. During my employment I became aware of this message and would instantly slow my movements down and do a self-check on how I was feeling in that moment. After my bathroom break I returned to my writing, but after I sat I received another message to ‘stop writing’. I listened, stopped and turned off my laptop. This morning, 3 days later I had the urge to write again however not really knowing the topic. When my desktop finally lit up I saw the name of this file, what I had written a few days earlier, and I ‘found myself’ opening it and continued. You could look at my process as not logical or productive. I could have forced myself through the writing process however I decided to honor my guidance and simply stop. There was no rhyme or reason to stop, but I just did. Sometimes intuition does not make sense however after awhile it can just be followed with blind trust.

As previously mentioned heart song or inner guidance is your one true language that will always guide you in the direction of your ‘highest good’. It is a language that as children we knew instinctively as it was our ‘only’ language except for our grunts, coos, giggles, gurgles and screams we emitted into the physical world. But over time this language was forgotten, not completely as it’s always there, however because this language is usually never talked about and acknowledged by parents and those around us many have lost their awareness of its existence, or understood it’s value. Everyone around you was too busy, with their busy minds, and taught you how to speak their language. As with any skill not used it gets forgotten, as with a muscle not used it gets week, the same thing happened to the language of your heart. From childhood it was not talked about, supported and honored so it subsided and ‘common language’ of your people (English, Arabic, Cantonese, French, Swahili etc) took over. However the thing about the language of intuition not only has it never left you it has been and in always calling. It has to because it is the calling from your inner most being, your soul.

Following your heart at first is a delicate process and it takes time to nurture. It is as if you are dealing with a frightened or traumatized puppy (your body and mind) and in order to regain it’s trust you treat the puppy with utmost care and love. You spend time with it, being quiet, feeding it little treats now and then and sharing your loving presence. Just like with the puppy you also will rebuild your body’s sense that your intuitive heart is real, that it can be trusted and that it is your only path to true happiness. When you do this your inner guidance will give you more guidance but only to the level point that you are able to handle. Your intuitive heart knows you inside and out and will always give you exactly what you need, and when you are ready your intuitive heart will give you more. Thing is, are you ready to listen?

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