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I Hate You, read the Text

I was having a rough day. During during my state of inner turmoil I was being extremely hard on myself, and definitely not feeling any form of self-love. Despite the awareness of how I was feeling, and from where I was creating my self-defeating thoughts the momentum had built up to such an extent that there was simply no stopping it. Sometimes, no matter how much we try to turn our thoughts and feelings around nothing seems to work. Sometimes, ya just gotta ride it out and go for a sleep.

That evening, it happened! From across the room I heard my cellphone text message notification ping. As I viewed the message my stomach dropped and felt sickened. The text simply read, “I Hate You!”

In that moment I didn’t know what to do as I sat reeling in the intensity of my feelings. Who could have sent such a message, and why would they say such a thing…by text? It was clearly and simply written, and struck me with such an intensity. Odd, I thought why would the person write such a thing from their cell phone where the number could be so easily tracked? I called the mystery person back and recognized the voice on the other end. I immediately hung up without engaging in conversation. Still sickened!

After inquiring further it came to light that the person who wrote the message intended it to another, and that it was sent in fun! In fun of all things, imagine that! They were in the middle of bantering with each other, and from within that context one wrote “I Hate You!”. No harm was intended. I, of course, took the message as if it was directly targeted at me as in that moment I had no other information to go on. My inner reaction was instantaneous and harsh. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes we can react so quickly from a few words?

As I sat with what just happened the why of my feelings became abundantly clear. I had created them! Looking back upon my day and the various ways I had been hard on myself, or hating myself, I was absolutely no surprise that this text came through to me. I attracted it though the energy that I created through the day and from the momentum that had been building. This is the way the law of attraction works! In essence, what we think and feel…we create.

My sickening dread turned to fascination and deep appreciation for the confirmation I had received. Incredible lesson learned! I said out loud (with no one in the room), “I LOVE the way the universe works!”

Thinking certain thoughts creates certain feelings and emotions, and from there our world is created around us in ways that we can’t even imagine at the time. In my small but powerful example I absolutely attracted that “I Hate You!” text being misdirected to me. Even as I write these words four days later I’m smiling and shaking my head at the perfection and beauty of creation.

So the next time you are looking at the world around you and thinking how crappy things are, how you don’t like where you are or how you can’t understand why perhaps you are being treated so poorly by another, perhaps reflect upon how and why you created it. Contemplate how you were thinking over the last few day or weeks. If you are anything like me it will fascinate you and perhaps lead you down a wonderfully rich road of self-discovery. Whenever I take full ownership of my world the lessons learned and the inner expansion after coming out the other side of turmoil is amazing, sometimes awe-inspiring!

Did I say how much I love how the universe works?

Copyright (2018), Peter Paul Harnisch.

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