Heart-Career Life Path

Goals, or the Unfolding Path

Imagine if what you truly wanted…

…was created exactly at the right time and in the right place without a need for you to concern yourself with making goals or working hard. Can you also imagine if what you wanted unfolded before your very eyes in spontaneous and exciting ways? Truth be told, what you want does appear before you all the time all the time. You just aren’t paying attention to your wanting and have forgotten that the world around you is a result of your creation.

You are beings of desire and are forever in the process of expanding, and becoming. Through the contrasts experienced in your physical bodies you are always shown what you do want and what you don’t want. Preferences happen instantaneously and those preferences are known by the universe. And that which you continue to focus upon creates energy within your body and expands outward, eventually turning into physical.

When you want, desire or intend something the universe is keeping track. The universe is taking its cue from you and is waiting in anticipation to create what you are asking for. One way of looking at it is that it wants to create what you want! Considering that the universe is already keeping track why is it that you also have to keep track? Why is it that you need formal goals and work so hard to make them happen?

Your job in the creation process is not to keep track of goals but to hold and expand your good feelings as much as possible. That is of course if you want to create things from good feelings. Your “positive” energy will result in what you want being manifest in the physical world. Conversely, your “negative” energy will also result in what you don’t want being manifested in the physical world. The universe, source, God or whatever label you wish to use understands what you want and what you don’t want as ALL wanted. It makes no difference to the universe. The universe believes that you know what you are wanting and that you are doing it purposefully.

The essence is to monitor your feeling body because that’s the rocket-fuel behind creation. Feelings are the most critical part of the creation process. If your feelings are haphazard then your creation will be haphazard. Imagine that your mind is thinking about how much you hate a person (a goal), on how much you want to travel to Europe (a goal), on how ugly you think your body is (a goal) or on how much you want to meet a loving partner (a goal). Because you are thinking and feelings these things the universe knows that you want these things. Yes, when you think your body is ugly, you are wanting and thus the universe knows it’s a goal, and therefore creates accordingly. The energy you create from that thought and belief will ultimately manifest in your body and in your environment as evidence to support your belief. This is law!

If you focus on feeling good in the moment, and appreciation is an excellent to build good feelings then the universe will manifest and draw to you more good feelings…and therefore good events and things that are pleasing to you. Conversely, if you chose to focus on not so good feeling thoughts, and therefore create not so good feelings, the universe will manifest things that match these vibrations. So that new vehicle that you have been imagining, while appreciating the transportation that you have in this moment, will ‘at some point’ come into your physical reality. The universe KNOWS what you want! And, you won’t have to work hard as it will one day appear in a ways that will make you smile and will probably completely surprise you.

But, and this is a big BUT, the universe operates on her own time and the process of creating requires patience on your part. If you want to get something quickly, contrary to the timing of universal creation, then you will most likely have to suffer and work darn hard to make it happen. A good way to suffer is to work hard for your goals.

Your job…is to hold the feeling and not push to manifest quickly, and relax and allow your universe to unfold easily in ways that please you. Timing is the universes job!

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