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1. Heart-Career: The Unfolding Path (Workshops)

Workshops are being planned for the middle of January 2019, and will be held at various locations around the Lower Mainland of Vancouver. Locations, dates and times are to be announced early in 2019.

These workshops are not about planning your career or about overthinking, but all about following your inner-guidance … your heart. If you are confused or afraid of your future, or if you are in a job that does not resonate with you and you feel stuck, The Unfolding Path will be perfect for you.  All people of all ages are welcome!  Change, and sometimes drastic change, can happen at any time.  If you believe that you are getting older with little time left to find a job you truly enjoy, or if you think that given your circumstances your ideal job is out of reach, The Unfolding Path will be perfect for you.  Join our discussions to understand how you are creating your life, and how you can begin to trust your inner guidance that is always beckoning you toward your highest fulfillment and joy.