A Message for Men

“Your return to well-being is your dominant desire, but you are resisting. That’s why you feel so lousy!  Inner resistance always causes upheaval within.” (Harnisch, 2018)

There are are enormous energetic shifts happening globally, especially in the area of masculine energy.  As with all things, Men are evolving.  Men are experiencing personal upheaval (violence, fear, anger, frustration, confusion etc), and through such feelings and emotions are given the opportunity to release and transcend them to a whole new way of being…to a lighter and happier way of life.  In a sense Men are being called, as all beings are, to take full ownership of their lives and delve into their hearts to where all answers for happiness have always existed. 

More men than ever before are coming to understand of how important their thoughts and feelings are, and that they are not to be ignored or hidden from, but to be honored as the messengers (and life changers) they truly are.  This greater understanding is through the realization that feelings are the number one way the human body communicates to reveal how men are living in relation to their true self, their higher self and their hearts.  Feelings are the greatest teachers known to humans.


The benefits to men becoming more aware of how they are creating life are many, with the greatest being a better and richer relationship with themselves.  Personal health and well-being will improve; relationships will become deeper, richer and more loving; employment will become intentional and hold greater meaning.  Overall, life simply gets better and that’s how it’s supposed to be. This doesn’t mean the process won’t feel hellish at times as transmuting the painful conditioning of life is the greatest life journey any human can take. By far, it’s the most rewarding one!


But what does all this mean?  It all sounds good theory, so the purpose of talks and workshops facilitated by Peter Paul Harnisch are to open up dialogue on the immense value of men in society and about how men can learn more about the inner language of their thoughts and feelings, including the physical signs/symptoms expressed through their bodies.  Men will gain greater personal awareness (consciousness) and will learn how to reclaim lives so that they can live with greater personal integrity and be present in their true power.