Heart-Career Life Path

‘Finding’ your Life Purpose

Life-purpose is never found, it is created. It is created from the well-spring of your very existence. Purpose is generated by you and from within you. The saying “what you seek you do not find” is very apropos.

If you in this very moment feel incredibly discouraged or fearful that you will never find your life purpose this message may help to change your perspective. If the concept of or desire is within you to be living on purpose and filled with meaning then you can begin from where you are, now. You will most likely not be able to change your feelings quickly as it took you a long time focusing on your thoughts and beliefs, to generate the sense of ‘lack of purpose’ you may be feeling. The process of creating purpose and turning the energy of your current life experience around may take awhile and will require patience and understanding on your part. So, whatever your age, 15 or 105, you can make it happen!

Purpose is generated from feeling good, from your perspective on all that is life, and from being patient to allow signs, hunches and inspirations to bubble forth. This will require you to spend more time being still, relaxing and listening to the messages that spring forth from within your depths. When you are caught up in the busyness of life, something that happens to all of us, you will most likely not be able to perceive the messages from your heart and soul. However when you quieten yourself down you will begin to get hunches (feelings) to act in small ways; to make a phone call, to sign up for this class, to walk down a certain street, to have coffee with a friend, to take the bus instead of your car…where you will overhear a conversation that may give you some information, to go the library, and to read up on that hobby you put on hold for many hears…and the list goes on…and on…and on. There is no end to the small seemingly insignificant inspirations that will bubble up from within you. But, insignificant they are not.

By following the hunches energy is being generated and you are in a way announcing to the universe, to YOU, that “yes, I am ready willing and able…bring it on”! When you keep doing this energy will build within you. You will actually feel the energy building without much of a trace of your physical world changing. This is not a time to give up. You cannot push the process of creating your life purpose, especially in the beginning. You are tending to the delicate (but powerful) messages from your heart. Act as if you are tending to a small shoot from a flower breaking through the soil and be as gentle as you possibly can be. Continue in this way and the flower, your life-purpose, will grow sure and strong. Before you know it you will be feeling so good about your life, and so on purpose, that the person you are now will be unrecognizable.

You may be thinking that I am grossly oversimplifying the process and that it’s not as easy as I am making the process out to be. Well, you are right. At first, and often along the way, creating the feeling of life-purpose is simple but often not easy as you are bucking against your old ways of doing things. Change can take time. How many years did it take for you to get here? Well, cut yourself some slack in the process of realizing that it will take you time to nurture a new way of being. As with my example of tending to a baby plant shoot breaking through the ground, try to treat yourself during the creation process gentleness and with a loving heart.

Your life purpose is created by you from within you, and it is no where to be found. You are the determiner of how to proceed from here. Are you intrigued?

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  • Peter's Higher Self
    October 20, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    “Beautiful writing dear one! The universe, as always, is so pleased that you are now sharing your light in this way. You have so very much to offer, and remember that you are always supported!” Eternal Love…