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Feeling AWE!

As I drove along the winding Sea-to-Sky highway from Horseshoe Bay to Squamish British Columbia I became aware of my feelings of enjoyment and fun. My car hugged the road as I swerved to and fro, and I felt like a boy again when I used to ride my go-cart whipping down the road dodging an obstacle course I had created. The Sea-to-Sky is one of my absolute favorite drives!

While enjoying myself I noticed my heightened feelings and deeply appreciated them, thanking my body for the gift of feeling. At some point while driving, languishing in enjoyment, I rounded a corner and gazed upon the snow-capped mountains to my left. There was a crisp snowline that spread horizontally across the entire mountain range that separated the deep-green forest from what seemed to be freshly fallen snow. The scenery was absolutely breath-taking! A powerful feeling of awe overtook me as my eyes darted from the road to the landscape. My feeling body went from feeling great to off the chart.

In the midst of feeling awe I became aware of the energetic shift that I had just experienced, as I went from feeling great to being blown-away by an enormity that was indescribable. And the reason why I was able to feel this intensity was that all along the drive I was in a relaxed and appreciative state. In that moment I was open enough to feel the fullness of nature, that truth exists at all times.

It’s important to become aware of our feeling body but also to notice the differences between feelings, and how these feelings shift from one state to another. Obviously we are not one big feeling. We experience a kaleidoscope of feelings that range from the darkest most painful suffering to the highest most joyful bliss. And when we become aware of subtly in feeling then we can really begin to master the art of navigating, appreciating and loving them. When we get to the place of being able to consciously shift our feelings we become the captain of our ship…our body and our lives. Also valuable is noticing and appreciating good feelings, and to languish in them as that in itself helps perpetuate them. When feeling good, milk it for all it’s worth!

Noticing and appreciating my feeling of fun began to build upon itself as memories of other fun experiences came into my awareness. Then, I rounded that corner on the highway and WHAMMO….AWE came over me. Building my feelings directly resulted in me feeling the enormity of awe. Energetically I paved the way or created a path that allowed for the bigger feeling to come.

Energy is built in whatever direction we chose, as it’s the capacity of every human being. It is part of our free will.

What is also interesting to me is that there has been countless times where I gazed upon similar landscapes and felt almost nothing. There have also been many times when I walked in the most gorgeous lush forest you can imagine and felt more depressed than when I first walked in. The reason why I was unable to feel the beautiful energy of nature is because where my feeling body was at the time. My mood would be down and of a lower vibration, so when I came upon a majestic landscape I was simply not able to receive it. My radio dial was tuned to another frequency so to speak. However this time, because I was feeling soooo good, I was wide open and ready to feel the blast of AWE! It’s the same as when I stroll into a lush forest feeling good and connected to source is when the forest comes alive and I feel her loving embrace.

One of the important stages of expanding consciousness is for one to become highly in tune with the subtleties of the feeling body. The feeling body is the human guidance system revealing how connected we are with source energy, and is basically telling us how we are doing. Simply put, feel good and you are in rhythm with the real core you, feel lousy and you are doing something to misaligned from the truth of who and what you are.

Have you ever felt Awe, and what where you thinking/doing/feeling before that feeling?

Copyright, 2018, Peter Paul Harnisch

Photo by reelika raspel

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