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Failure is Impossible!

Awareness Bomb: It is absolutely impossible for you to fail! There are no failures, only results. Nothing in the universe fails….nothing!

Everyone knows what the word failure means, or better put, how the word feeeeels. It’s a word-of-judgment that means that you didn’t accomplish something that you set out to do, or that you ‘should’ have done. Not only that, the word implies much more, that you are a ‘bad person’ or that you ‘really screwed up’. The word is the almighty rigid school teacher or parent looking down upon you waiving his or her finger chastising you.

Websters Dictionary (definition): “Fail” A failing; deficiency; cessation of supply or total defect; omission; non-performance; decay, or defect from decay; the act of failing or state of having failed to attain an object; want of success; a becoming insolvent or bankrupt. “Failing” Imperfection; a weakness in character or disposition; foible; fault.

Wow! Doesn’t the mere reading of this definition make you wince? It certainly does me. And why so? You and I and most everyone else on this planet have words and their meanings programmed so deeply that they aren’t even questioned. They are believed to be true.

For those of you who think, believe or feel that you are failures or that you have failed at something, I suggest that you think again. If you are applying the word to any aspect of your life (or another persons) try to reframe it as a result, a happening or an occurrence. You did something and ‘something’ happened. When you reframe the word failure in this way you allow the emotional build-up previously created to release. This will help you to relax, feel better and move on with your life.

Failure does not exist. If you feel resistance toward this idea, and your ego will resist, I encourage you contemplate its possibility. Feel the resistance and ask yourself why the feeling is arising. Could it be that the concept goes against your programmed beliefs?

There are no failures, only results!

Now that feels much truer, and better to me. The word failure carries a negative vibration (because you believe its meaning), however the word result is simply the fruit of an action and therefore carries a neutral vibration. Do you feel the difference? It’s you attaching a meaning to the result is what gets you into trouble and starts you down the road to self-judgement. Just because you didn’t get what you want does not mean it’s a failure. What it does mean is that you did something and a result happened, whether intended or not. That’s it! The simplicity of it is beautiful?

I have an idea; I propose that the word failure be permanently stricken from the English language and from all languages on the planet. The word failure was constructed purely from the human ego and has no value other than self-condemnation or the condemnation of others. So, let’s get rid of it and call everything that happens as a result or an occurrence. This happened, that happened, this happened and that happened. No judgement, just a happening.


Here’s a great exercise! Get a sheet of paper and draw a vertical line down the middle. On the top of the left side write FAILURES, then make a list down the left side of the page of any area of you life that you believe was a failure. On the top of the right side write TEACHINGS, then make a list down the right side opposite to all those things you thought were failures, and write either what the result taught you or what you preferred would have happened. When finished step back and look at what you have written. You may want to put the list down and come back to it later. If you step back far enough you will begin to notice that everything, and I mean everything, is perspective. You will begin to notice that you can look at anything that happened in your life as a great teaching. Not a failure (which doesn’t exist), but a valuable teaching from which you can grow as a human being.

You could share anything about your life with me right now, anything that you thought (or believe) was a failure and I will look you directly in the eye and whole-heartedly say that not only is there no such thing as failure, but that failure is impossible. I will also go on to suggest that the occurrence could be viewed as a benefit to your life. Everything is perspective!

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  • C. Joslin
    October 21, 2018 at 3:57 am

    Good evening Peter,
    Wow I am so impressed with your website. Thank you so much for doing this. I believe that you have found one of your “Life Purpose”. Lucky for us. I love your story of the Girl in the Elevator. My husband and I were lucky enough to have a similar experience. Which was EXTREMELY REWARDING.
    I know now that one of my purpose in life was to bring in this world a Beautiful Girl that has very much to offer to the Universe and will continue to help people in many ways. You know her and you have been a True Inspiration to her. Thank You Very Much! I am looking forward to read more.

    • Peter Paul Harnisch
      October 21, 2018 at 3:28 pm

      Hey there, Such a lovely comment and words of encouragement, thank you! I feel honoured that you took the time to read. Yes, very fortunate for you (and her) that you also brought such a girl into this world. Such a gift! What’s also so special is that you recognize her for who and what she really is. Blessings…