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Buying into the Opinion of Others

Overhearing others…

Last week I was eating a gourmet breakfast at a local MacDonald’s and could not help but overhear a couple of guys sitting at a table across the aisle from me. There was no way that I could avoid hearing their conversation as it boomed rather loudly. One said, “If you don’t have a degree or a trade you won’t get anywhere these days”, and the other piped in, “Ya, and the older you get the harder it gets.” Then the first guy ping-ponged back, “I hope my granddaughter doesn’t marry her boyfriend. He’s doing absolutely nothing with his life, absolutely nothing.” They fell silent. Not a peep out of them for minutes. I looked toward their table curious as to what they were doing and they had returned to their newspapers.

As I briefly contemplated what they had just said I thought of what my version of their conversation would have been. Mine would have gone something like, “Life is so amazing, the different things that I can do are endless. For example I could get a degree or a trade but it certainly isn’t necessary to live a happy and abundant life.” “I find the more I focus on good feelings and am appreciative of everything in my life the easier it gets, and the happier I am. Man…do I love life.” And, “I’m so pleased that my granddaughter is happy in her relationship. She and her boyfriend seem to have so much fun together. I know that they are in a meaningful and perfect relationship.” If I was to believe their version it would evoke feelings of hopelessness and fear. However, my version feels much much better.

This brief encounter reminded me that I have a choice as to what I focus on and/or how I chose to interpret something. It is my belief that we attract everything into our lives, so during my awareness in the restaurant I smiled within and acknowledged that something in me attracted being in the vicinity of these gentlemen so that I could overhear their conversation. There conversation was a lesson for me. I was also thankful of this wonderful opportunity to feel the contrast of what I was hearing and where my thoughts and beliefs were at. I felt pleased with myself and I internally thanked them for the experience.

Consider paying closer attention to the conversations that you participate in or to those you hear. Monitoring what you read is also valuable because everything carries an energy signature. Next time you have a conversation with a family member, a friend, a colleague or a passerby pay attention to your feelings as to whether the chat felt good, not so good or downright lousy. If you don’t feel good then on some level you have ‘bought in’, and on some level the words are resonating with a belief in you that is not in accordance with the higher or wiser part of you.

As the saying goes, it’s all good! Everyone gets emotionally hooked every now and then with what another is saying. The important thing is not that you get drawn-in but that you become more aware that you did, and the sign that you did is through your feeling body. Feelings never lie, but they will let you know that you have bought into a lie. When you become aware of your feelings in and around conversations then you can decide what, if anything, to do about it. At this point you will begin to take your power back.

My feelings were beginning to drop…

When I overhead the conversation in the example provided earlier I recognized the misalignment of the words and quickly noticed that my feelings were beginning to drop. I was beginning to hook-in as they aligned with some of my own fears. In that very moment I smiled, thanked the situation, and reaffirmed what I absolutely know to be true. I didn’t resist the words or the feelings, nor did I leave my table (although this certainly was an option), but I chose to stay and turn the situation into a rewarding experience. With a different perspective you can turn any situation, especially the not-so-good feelings ones into a rewarding life-altering experience. It’s your choice.

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