My quest for truth began at the ripe old age of 15 when I wandered into a local book store specializing in alternative and spiritual books and purchased “The Awakening of Intelligence” by J. Krishnamurti, and “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau. Prior to that I had no awareness of both of these authors nor had I ever been in such a bookstore. I was simply compelled to enter and drawn to the books. This was the beginning of my love affair with discovering who or what I truly was and with increasing my awareness of my connection to the universe.

Everybody has a story. The details of my personal story are not nearly as important as how I have handled/processed my story and in what I have learned along the way. Indeed I have experienced many in-the-moment joyful experiences where I felt truly connected to the essence of life. But, I have also suffered greatly feeling great despair, pain and heart-ache. Through various life experiences and as a result of certain ways of thinking and holding certain beliefs I have been through “hell and back”. Over time I came to realize that the hell I experienced was of my own creation and that, from in the moment of any thought, I could chose on how I wish to create my life.

What I discovered is that life always served me with the perfect experiences necessary for me to break through my sense of self-importance, my victim mentality, my “thick” ego and my heavy pain-body. For almost 40 years I have picked myself up and dusted myself off in more ways than I can count. My drive to expand my consciousness and for self-healing has always been incredibly tenacious and it is through this quest that I am able to guide and counsel people on their own path. I feel that I speak and share from one who has been through the “trenches” of life and I have learned a great many things along the way. I feel that I come from a place of sincerity, of personal integrity and of love.

Peter Paul Harnisch, Vancouver BC Canada, 2018.