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A Story about Expectations

While driving from the south-central region of British Columbia to the coast I could not help but notice large yellow signs along the way that read, High Mountain Passes: EXPECT Sudden Weather Changes. The word EXPECT was accentuated in the middle of the sign. Along the route I experienced high winds, horizontally blowing snow, icy and snow-packed roads, fog and pelting rain. As I have always been excited to drive in extreme weather conditions I had a lot of fun on this road-trip.

The words on these particular signs floated in my awareness and I thought why should I expect sudden weather changes? The wording were meant to evoke caution so that drivers traveled carefully and I have no doubt that they were created with the best of intentions. After reading the signs I thought; should I now be on high-alert continuously looking around for sudden weather changes? Or, should I expect nothing and just enjoy the ride?

In truth, what I expected during yesterdays travel was to have a calm and richly enjoyable experience. I expected to get home safely, and I expected the car to operate smoothly and that the new all-weather tires would keep a sure grip on the highway. These were my expectations and yes I actually thought about these things before and during my journey. When I arrived home safely and happily I thanked the universe for another amazing experience. I so love road-trips, always have…always will.

What I absolutely knew was that I most likely would experience diverse winter conditions, as the highways that I traveled had a certain reputation in the winter. I try not to pay attention to such reputations, however when I told people that I was looking forward to the travel adventure, some were quick to remind me of how perilous the highways are. Days before, even my hairstylist solemnly shared that a close family friend died just weeks before on the same highway. Geesh!

My experience revealed yet another great metaphor for life. Just as I knew that winter driving conditions were inevitable, I also know that certain conditions in life are inevitable. I know this, but I don’t expect them to happen. As you are well aware, life presents ups and downs, however if you go through life expecting downs to happen, then you will go through life in fear. You have a choice. If you are going to have expectations, why not expect the good? Yes, suffering in one form or another will happen in your life and unexpected obstacles will appear. It’s not that you go around expecting them, however when they arise it’s possible to maintain a certain presence when they do. You can still feel your feelings however when you become aware you can choose how to handle them by allowing the feelings to flow through you and handle them in a calm, confident and loving manner.

During my road-trip when high winds and blowing snow appeared… I slowed my car down. When the rain pelted on my windshield I turned my wipers on higher speed. When the car drove over packed snow and ice… I slowed down again. And when the road cleared I sped up. Along the way the car was cozy warm and I enjoyed a gorgeous coffee and a piece of cheese-cake that I had earlier packed for my journey. Yes, I know how to travel in style.

I didn’t set out on my journey expecting bad things to happen. I set out expecting to have a great time and have a smooth driving experience, and that’s exactly what happened. How do you expect your life experiences to play out?

Copyright (2018) Peter Paul Harnisch
Main Post Photo by Katie Doherty

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